Melbourne’s unique interior design practice, Alexander Pollock offers solutions in interior design and interior decoration for clients in South Yarra, Melbourne and all around Australia. We’re about creating exceptional, smart and beautifully designed spaces which reflect your character and brings the area to life.

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We offer stunning tailored solutions in interior design and interior decoration for properties of all varieties. Our luxury interior designers Melbourne commit ourselves to create spaces which reflect our client’s requirements and aspirations. Our interior designers in Melbourne devote time to assessing client’s needs and then commit ourselves in taking these interior design visions to the next level by bringing them to life.

Our Melbourne interior designer practice’s process and design outcomes get based on a panoptic approach which means seeing the whole interior design vision at one view. We assess our client’s needs and wants and precisely balance them between aesthetic beauty and function to create the best interior design studio in Melbourne suited to them.

Our Melbourne interior design practice offers an exclusive and personal service so we can get to know our clients intimately to create their perfect space. Founder and principal designer Aaron Wong and his team of interior designers create a straightforward journey from concept through to completion, always aiming to exceed interior design expectations. Aaron and his team combine precise interior design principles and standards with warmth and simplicity, which makes the whole process enjoyable and satisfying.


With an extensive knowledge of interior design and interior stylist Melbourne, Designer Aaron, along with our interior design team, prove we’re able to create many different looks. The exclusive contacts and networks which Aaron develops allow him access to unusual and stunning pieces for his interior design work. So your designs will be unique and personal to you.

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Since our design firm’s debut in the interior design scene, our practice has collected awards and editorial profiles in many magazines around Australia including House & Garden, Inside, Grand Designs, Design Quarterly, Vogue and more.

With a diverse interior design portfolio, Alexander Pollock accepts jobs for private homes, residential developments, commercial projects, hospitality and retail spaces in South Yarra, all Melbourne suburbs and Australia


If you’re like most people in Australia, then you know home is where the heart is, which means you want to create a beautiful space and the best interior design to live in. A house that feels like you and reflects your personality bringing your interior dreams to life.

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Interior designers have a talent when it comes to putting areas together. So a space designed by professionals will be intelligent, balanced and charming. Whether it’s a home renovation you’re looking for, new home decor or a colour scheme our interior design services will transform your South Yarra, Melbourne or Australian home.

At Alexander Pollock, our interior designers in Melbourne have comprehensive skills in thoughtfully planning rooms and areas. And we operate by the principles of design which includes balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, scale and often repetition. Meaning a room interior designed by us is strategic, space-maximising and reflects your ideas, style, and requirements and is a comprehensive interior design service.


Our interior designers in Melbourne can bring out your style in the interior of your home. Our interior architect Melbourne firm process is both straightforward, thorough and transparent because our commercial designers in Melbourne want clients to be on the same page regarding how the design and style process works. So you’ll understand what the design project entails, understand the requirements and enjoy the project from beginning through to completion.

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Step 1 – The interior design meeting

This step is critical in the interior designs process because it’s where we explore, learn and understand the project and its requirements.

Step 2 – The interior design work

This step is the period where our interior designers in Melbourne begin their best interior design work. The interior designing process gets moving with design boards, mood boards, space plans and materials get planned, sourced and created.

Then our interior designers in Melbourne plan proposals, source quotes and organise the orders and deliveries.

Step 3 – Installation and transformation of your best interior design

This step is where an interior designer begins to bring your dream space into a reality, and our brilliant interior design comes to life.

Step 4 – The interior design reveal

As interior designers, this step is rewarding and satisfying because we’re brought your dream interior to life.

Whether you’re in South Yarra, anywhere in Melbourne or Australia, our office interiors designer Melbourne professionals will transform your space into the interior of your dreams.


Founder and Principal Interior Designer Aaron Wong creates effortlessly sophisticated interiors that are luxurious, refined and with an unrelenting touch of the unexpected. Dynamic eclecticism is the hallmark of his style, whose work forges a perfect balance between timelessness and today.

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At the heart of every project is the belief that the best décor expresses personality and place. The resulting environments are inviting, delightful, and above all, resolutely livable.

Self-taught, Aaron has achieved a body of work that has garnered recognition from significant industry bodies within a brief space of time. The Melbourne Australia based designer has built a solid reputation as a highly versatile interior designer whose work is custom-tailored to the needs of each client and project.

If you’re in the South Yarra area, Melbourne or Australia contact Aaron and his team today if you’re ready for an exceptional, smart and beautifully designed space which reflects your personality and brings the area to life.


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