5 Design Trends to Adopt This Summer for your Interiors

There is just something unique about summer décor. The soothing hues of natural elements, light, and breezy fabrics, and gypsy or boho influences just have a way to invite sunshine, brightness, and happiness indoors. 

Invoking a summer vibe is worth considering if you are planning to redecorate or renovate your home soon. In this guide, we are going to share some ideas to help you stay on top of the latest summer design trends. Here is a quick peek at some of the best concepts to use in your home this year.

01. A Touch of Blue 

Blue shades like navy, turquoise, or light sky blue are always a winner for summer home themes. These colours usually remind us of bright skies, sandy beaches, and vast deep waters. Blue hues are a favourite colour in many beach houses because it has a calming and soothing effect on the mind.

It is recommended to use richer blue colours as an accent wall in a living room or to make a bold statement with accent pieces like bright scatter cushions, throws, vases, and wall art.

02. Less Is More

The minimalist trend has been popular for quite some time and will continue to be trendy throughout 2021 and perhaps for quite a few years to come. This look or Melbourne interior design trend is perfect for creating a summer vibe because the look is focused on leveraging natural hues like bamboo furniture, whitewashed walls, and natural plants as décor. With this trend, the idea is to create spacious and breezy environments and to avoid clutter as much as possible so rooms can maintain that basic feel.

 03. Neutrals Are Always a Winner

Neutral colours like white, ivory pale grey, beige, and washed oak are usually associated with summer beach homes. These neutral hues are ideal concepts to adopt in your own home because they create a perfect backdrop for any type of colour scheme or theme you might want to create inside the room. With neutral basics, it is also very easy to redecorate or freshen up since you can simply switch out your accent colours or themed art to freshen the place up.

 04. Use Colour to Make a Statement

A splash of colour is always a welcome addition in summer homes and 2021 is no year to start being shy with bright hues. More and more people are starting to ditch the all-white or all-neutral home and look for something a bit brighter. This type of look is also pretty easy to achieve if you already have a room with a neutral or white setting because you can easily throw in a couple of bold chairs, scatter cushions or a statement rug to make a statement.

 05. Try Natural Elements and Greenery

Natural elements like natural wood furniture pieces, bamboo rugs, and woven baskets are timeless décor pieces that will probably always be popular. This décor trend is fail-proof but if you want a room that will offer a more enriching experience then you should also become a plant mom or dad. Natural plant life in your home will make your home interior feel more garden-like. Psychologists also believe that looking at green is terrific for your mental health since it encourages productivity and triggers a more positive mood.

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