5 Home Decor Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, to you! If you are reading this that probably means that you want to upgrade the way your home interior looks this year. We can all do with a bit of change after enduring so many hardships in 2020. Everyone is looking for a bit of adventure and a fresh new home look certainly is one of the best adventures to look forward to in 2021. 

If you are looking for a few new concepts for your home interior or simply need a few simple home upgrades to improve the look of your home then you should include the following resolutions on your list of things to do this year.

01. Add Lots of Colour This Year

Neutrals are fantastic home colours because it is so easy to find furniture pieces and décor elements that match your neutral vibe. But this year, most room designers are looking for ways to add a splash of colour to neutral rooms. Take a hard look at rooms with neutral colours this year and look for ways to incorporate some colour. Bright artworks against the wall, vibrant scatters, switching lampshades or new curtains are all good concepts to help you liven up your neutral spaces.

02. Adopt Minimalist Style 

The minimalist lifestyle is one of the best lifestyle choices to make because it involves living sustainably. Less is more in this lifestyle trend. For the minimalist style, you need to think of wide-open spaces, minimal furniture and décor pieces that have a bold effect, and items that will last a lifetime. 

03. Create A Themed Room

Focusing on a specific theme makes it much easier to create a room that looks very interesting. This year, try to convert one bedroom, bathroom, or living room to a room that is theme-specific. But try not to focus on common themes you see every day like the tropical theme, the map theme, or the floral theme. Instead, create something that is mentally enriching. 

A bedroom inspired by a city you enjoy or a different time period are some good examples. Stepping into these rooms will be like stepping into another world and people can learn so much about history and culture when they spend time in these themed areas.

04. Hang Lots of Pictures This Year

We all tend to neglect printing and framing pictures since it became so easy to take photos on our mobiles. Within one hour, you can take a hundred family photos but how long does it take to get those photos printed, framed, and hung on your wall? Take some time to create focal walls with lots of family portraits this year. It is great fun to shop for the right frames and décor elements and searching for the right photos brings you back to your family core beliefs.

05. Make Improvements That Suit Your Growing Family

Families grow very fast. Children have different needs almost every year. This year is a good time to catch up on all the changes your family went through these past few years and to make adequate home changes that suit these new life stages. Take some time to convert a playroom into a study room this year. Or take the time to transform your little one’s bedroom now that he or she has reached the tween stage and outgrew the animated character phase.

With these projects keeping you busy this year, 2021 is bound to be a fantastic one. And if you do find these projects to be too tough or don’t have the time to commit to such huge projects then you can always call an interior decor company like Alexander Pollock Interior Designers to help you tick off any home remodel projects in no time at all. 

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