6 Surprising Interior Designing Tips You Should Know

Home designers have all sorts of secrets and trick up their sleeves that help them turn ordinary and dull spaces into glorious rooms that are fun to spend time in. Creativity and good insight are some of the most powerful tools these experts use to help them achieve their goals. But a couple of simple rules can also make a ground-breaking difference in your results when you are busy refreshing a room. Here is a quick look at some of the most surprising interior design Melbourne tips or strategies that house designers often use if they want to create captivating upgrades.

Pair Large Furniture Items with Small Rooms

We often tend to think that small rooms should have small furniture pieces in them. But the opposite tends to be true. Large furniture pieces can alter your perspective and can make a small room look and feel a lot bigger. A grand bed can make a small bedroom look more inviting and a big sofa will enhance your comfort and give a fuller feel in a small living room where small pieces might sometimes make these areas look and feel depressing.

A Sofa in the Living Room Isn’t Always a Must

Sofas are the norm for living rooms but this rule isn’t written in stone. Hotels, cocktail bars, and restaurant reception areas are great examples of comfortable sitting areas that you can create with individual chairs. This seating arrangement is often preferable since it gives each occupant a little comfort zone of their own.

Just About Everything Can Be Custom Made

When local supplies fall short, you don’t always have to settle for what is available. In these modern times, just about everything can be custom-made. If you can’t find a piece that offers the look you need then you can always get a custom sofa, furniture piece, table or piece of art made. Ordering custom-made can also show that you support local communities and businesses.

Open-Plan Spaces Don’t Have To Be The Norm

Open plan areas have become the norm in most average homes and can be fantastic because it creates a relaxing vibe and these all-in-one rooms can make family members feel more connected. But individual rooms can be more functional for many because open plan areas tend to be noisy and overstimulating while secluded rooms are often preferable for enhancing focus and calmness.

Mix and Match in the Bedroom

The main reason themes often don’t work in bedrooms is that they can sometimes limit you and usually creates a cold and impersonal or ‘off’ feel. To create a bed with a soft and inviting feel, you need to mix and match textures, colours and patterns. It is often better to focus on neutrals and then accent these neutrals with a bold throw, bold cushion and some bold wall art. 

Test Colours Before You Invest

Colours tend to look different in different rooms because light falls differently and the amount of natural light is different in each room. To avoid a colour clash or to get optimal results, it is always best to test colour in a room before you decide to go full scale.

The best way to test a colour is by getting a large piece of colour sample like fabric in the room so you can get a better idea of the feel of the colour and what it looks like.

Home renovation companies like Alexander Pollock Interior Design have a great many secrets and techniques that they use for converting spaces. The best way to leverage these secrets and to get the best-looking rooms is by booking a session with these professionals before you start your project.

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