7 Easy Winter Decorating Ideas

It feels good to snuggle up inside when the chilly winds are howling outside. The right colours and décor elements can make your home feel a lot warmer during these chilly seasons. 

But it can be tough to create a warm atmosphere indoors if you live in a hot and sunny region like Melbourne. In these regions, most people focus on cooler colours and décor elements because it is hot and sunny for the biggest part of the year.

If you don’t want to make any permanent changes to the interior or décor of your home then you should give the following easy winter decorating ideas a try. These ideas are ideal for creating a warmer atmosphere.  They are affordable and very simple to implement.

Add A DIY Tea Light Log

A tea light usually burns 4 – 6 hours. These tiny lights are always whimsical and they are very affordable. Their charming looks, affordable price, and warming abilities are exactly what make them ideal for warming up your home. There are lots of different decorations that you can make with tea lights. A tea light log is easy to make and will offer a very warm feel inside your home.

To make this decoration, you will need a big and beautiful log and a hole saw with a 40mm diameter. Drill a couple of 10mm holes into your tea light and remove the leftover wood using a hammer and chisel. Now just slide your tea lights into these holes and you will have the perfect winter table décor.

Pom-pom Mantels for Your Curtains

Wool pompoms always look warm and inviting. These are also perfect solutions if you want to add a bit of colour to your rooms. Make your own pom poms and tie them to a long string. You can now hang them across your curtains or window in a loop to brighten up these parts of the room.

Make Winter Centrepieces

A lot of natural elements can be used to create beautiful centrepieces for your table. Focus on plants that are popular for winter decorating. You can grab a big statement urn and fill it with small pine cones. Add an antler and some pine tree clippings. You can also use winter-blooming flowers to perk up this decoration.

Use Easy Winter Details

Christmas decorations are a good option if you need a source of winter décor elements. Get a couple of mini Christmas trees and remove all the decorations. Snowflake ornaments and candles are also terrific winter decorations to add to your living room for a wintery feel.

Make Faux Snowballs

Fake snowballs can be a great centrepiece and they are pretty easy to make yourself. Simply get some Styrofoam spheres, dip them in glue and roll them in white baby powder. Try to give these balls a bit of texture by adding a few clunks of glue here and there. Now prop your snowballs into a beautiful basket and you will have the perfect winter décor. 

Use Your Beautiful Winter Blankets

Don’t keep your beautiful winter linen stored away in the closet. Adding a beautiful winter blanket to your sofa is the quickest and best way to make your living room look warmer and more inviting. Try to focus on accent blankets that will draw attention so you can emphasise the warmth.

Switch Over To Yellow Bulbs

The right type of lighting can make your home feel a lot warmer. Winter is the ideal time to replace all your white light bulbs with yellow light bulbs. When you turn on the lights, your entire interior will instantly look and feel a lot warmer.

Are you still struggling to create a beautiful winter décor? Then perhaps it is time to get help from our professionals at Alexander Pollock. These professional interior stylist Melbourne are ideal for helping you create a luxurious winter feel in any room or company.