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AARON WONG – Founder and principal interior designer behind Alexander Pollock has had a somewhat unconventional entry into the industry. A degree in architecture or interior design or a role as assistant designer in a reputable firm has usually been the rite of passage. However, do not underestimate the inception of the practice; self-taught, Aaron has achieved a body of work that has garnered recognition from major industry bodies within a brief space of time.

Having graduated from Melbourne’s Monash University with a Bachelor in Business Systems, Aaron scored a consulting role at Accenture – the world’s largest Management Consulting firm and a Fortune Global 500 company. He spent the next 7 years in the corporate world until he bought his first home. That was when he realised his passion for interior design that would become the creative drive behind Alexander Pollock.

Aaron Wong’s work is known for its versatile, luxurious and timeless appeal. Already, his work has been featured in major interior design publications.