Bright Interior Design Tips To Freshen Up Out-Of-Date Festive Decorations

The festive season is around the corner and it can be a lot of fun to transform and freshen up usual spaces with some fresh seasonal decor. Christmas decor trends, like all other decor trends, change over time. If you want to maintain a fresh festive look then it is important to stay on top of these latest changes.

Traditional festive decor touches such as tree skirts, oversized decorations, overly bright colours, excessive use of glitter, and obvious colour palettes have already become out of date. If you want to create a fresher festive look this year then it is best to give the following tips a try.

Streamline your Colour Pallete

Green, red, and gold are the colours you are most likely to see when you marvel at the festive display that others have created. While these bright colours can be beautiful, they also tend to be too overwhelming. This is also the leading commercial colour palette for Christmas for several decades which can make your decor seem very old-fashioned.

If you want a fresher look then it is best to tone it down a bit and streamline your colour palette. Start by switching out to simple white or warm yellow lights for all of your string lights. Next, you can go ahead and pick a specific colour palette that doesn’t include the usual colours. Now all that is left to decorate according to this specific colour palette. You will be surprised at how good festive decor can appear when the colours have been streamlined and toned down a bit.

Avoid Overly Large Decor

Large decor pieces can create a powerful statement but these items tend to draw too much focus. Smaller and more delicate decor elements are much more popular these days. Instead of bulky decor, try to invest in delicate bows and adopt a more uniform appearance for the decor you will be using throughout the house or office.

Avoid Tired Themes

Winter Wonderland, Santa Claus, and the Grinch are all very popular figures or themes during the festive season but these themes or figures have become a bit dull. Instead of these over-commercialized and overpopulated themes, try to choose something a little bit different. Skip all of these generic decor elements and focus on something that is still Christmas-related but a little bit different. You can achieve this by switching out your usual green pine tree with a handmade or custom-made wire mesh tree or wood cutout tree. Emphasise the focus on other Christmas-related themes that are usually not as overwhelming such as reindeer, stars, snowmen, or perhaps even a nativity scene. These touches will give your spaces a much more refined and tasteful appearance.

Focus More on Non-Visual Touches

Most people tend to focus on the visual aspect of the holiday season and forget all about their other senses. Christmas should be all about the feels and less about the looks. Stimulating your other senses like touch, smell, and hearing can make Christmas come to life. It is time to whip out some textured linen accessories, burn holiday-inspired scented candles, and update your music playlist. More focus on these other senses will give your home more of a Christmassy feel. 

If you cannot seem to create a fun festive look for your office or home then it might be best to hire a professional for the project. At Alexander Pollock Interior Design, we specialise in everything interior design-related. We can help you create a unique and trendy festive setup that is bound to make your company or home stand out among the masses.