Christmas Decor Ideas From Interior Designers

Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling. This statement or quote by Edna Ferber is absolutely true. Christmas is about so much more than just gifts. It is about the excitement, the fragrances in the air, the beauty, and the splendor.
Most people add festive decorations in and around their homes to create that festive vibe that can make you feel all warm and happy inside. It feels great to step into someone’s home and marvel at all of the gorgeous decorations they have added to their homes, especially if these decorations are a little bit more unique from the traditional decor themes we see in most households. But how do you go about creating a unique but suitable festive theme in your home? In this guide, we are going to share some great ideas that professional interior designers use to create festive scapes.

Cluster A Couple Of Festive Trees

Smaller companion trees alongside your huge Christmas tree can help spread festive cheer. This type of arrangement will have a more striking effect and could make it a lot more fun to decorate for the festivities. When you are considering this decor idea, you should shop around for quality Christmas trees that are all of different heights.

Add A Festive Tree To Every Room

By the previous decor concept, it becomes clear that you are not limited to just one tree at all. This is the one season where “the more the merrier” definitely applies. A great way to create a little bit of Christmas cheer throughout the house is by placing a small Christmas tree in each room. It is best to choose an ornamental tree that matches the decor theme of each room. This will help you maintain room aesthetics and will keep the interest throughout the house.

Focus On Heirlooms And Souvenirs For Tree Decor

For a more personal feel, it can be a very good idea to cover your Christmas tree in heirlooms, souvenirs, or photos instead of just traditional festive decor. Try to focus on ornaments that mean something to you. Making your own festive decorations can also become a fun family tradition. Instead of always buying decorations, try to make some gold-painted salt dough hand prints, framed pictures, or other festive crafts that can be used to decorate the tree.

Create A Virtual Fireplace

Very few families today still have a fully functioning fireplace in their homes, especially in warm regions like Australia. You can however recreate that warm and cozy fireplace with the help of your flat-screen TV. Switch over to the Yule Log Channel or stream a Fireplace video on Netflix. You can even download your own fireplace loop video and play it over and over again. And to recreate that fireplace scent, we recommend burning some campfire-scented candles next to your TV.

Declutter Before You Start

Festive decor can make your home look messy if the rooms are already a little bit cluttered. Before you start decorating for the festive season, you should take the time to declutter. Remove ornaments or decor that normally fill your home so there will be more space for festive decor. Declutter as much as you can so your new festive decorations can stand out.

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