Christmas Decorating Tips From House Decorators

Did you ever try to go all out with your festive decorations only to end up with an over the top look that feels cheap instead of festive? Lots of people struggle with this exact issue. Christmas decorations are charming and all but most decoration types do offer a cheap feel instead of that luxurious look that you might want for your home this festive season.

If you are not sure how to approach your holiday decorations but want to avoid going over the top then you should consider these Christmas decorating tips from house decorators.

Choose A Theme and Stick To It

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to just go out and buy decorations. It is important to pick a festive theme and colour scheme and to stick to it throughout your home and garden. There are more festive themes than just green and red. You can opt for something different like a white and gold theme, a pink and gold theme, a blue and silver theme, or even an all silver and grey theme for your festive decorations. 

The important thing is to be consistent with your decor, tree, wreaths, and gift wrap, and table settings so you can avoid that cheap slap on Christmas feel. 

Garlands Are a Big Yes

Fresh green plants are always best for your home decorations and interior decorators. But if you want something that you can use over and over again throughout the year then you could also opt for some faux garlands that look like real pine leaves. Avoid buying those green garlands that are noticeably fake. You can add garlands to your kitchen windows, around your doors, and string them around pillars. 

Layer Your Lighting

The more layers of light you add the better your decor will become. With lights, you once again have the option to go all bold with multicolor string lights. But it is better to stick to Christmas lights that match your decor theme. When in doubt, choose string lights with a warm yellow hue. Warm yellow hues are calming and usually offer a more classic look for your decor.

You can layer your lighting by adding lots of lights to a big Christmas tree, stringing your fairy lights around curtain rods, and hanging dangling lights inside your window stills. A few standing lamps and lanterns for the table can also help with more layering. 

Fresh Greenery Is Always a Winner

Try to incorporate lots of fresh greenery in your home. Fresh greenery always smells nice, especially if you get magnolia leaves or eucalyptus. By mixing lots of fresh greens, you can create various textures for your home. 

Invest In Quality Home Decor 

Christmas decor can be pricey but these items are only used once a year and can last you a lifetime if you take good care of them. It is better to invest in quality pieces that offer lots of detail and texture than to buy cheap decorations in bulk. decorations are something you can add to each year. Your decorations might be a bit scarce the first Christmas around, but by your third year, you could have quite a lot of quality pieces that will offer a much better look for your home in the long run.

If you are still struggling to create a beautiful festive look in your home, or if you are interested in redesigning your space in time for the holidays, you can always call a professional like Alexander Pollock Interior Design for expert help. With the help of professionals, you will know what colour scheme and theme to work with and you will get help with choosing quality pieces that enhance the natural beauty of your rooms and home.

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