Designer Ways To Add Warmth And Character To A Room

Are you wondering how to add warmth, character, or coziness to a room? This is something that lots of homeowners struggle to achieve because our architecture and furniture are mostly focused on the modern or contemporary trends these days. While these modern touches can give your room a high-end, sleek, and clean-cut look, they can also make your rooms feel a bit cold and clinical.

With winter approaching, it certainly is a good time to start adding some warm touches and a bit of character to your interior spaces. Here is a quick look at a couple of fail-proof methods that lots of interior designers use to create cosier interiors.

Install A Fireplace

Adding a fireplace will add heart and soul to your room and not just because they can physically warm up the temperature of the room with fire. Fire adds ambiance and the crackling sounds of flames can be very soothing. These architectural structures will also add aesthetic charm when the fireplace isn’t in use because it will double as decor if you just add a couple of charming touches like art or sculptures on top.

Introduce More Wood Touches

Natural wood and even faux wood grain accessories like tiles can make interior spaces feel a lot cosier. There are lots of different ways to introduce more timber into your spaces. You can stock up on wood decor elements like sculptures, wood bowls, wood picture frames, or natural wood furniture items. An accent wall made from an interesting wood type can also add lots of depth and character to your room.

Consider Rustic Elements

The rustic look or grunge look isn’t something that every homeowner will love. But a couple of rustic accessories will help create a more timeless feel inside your home and will give plenty of depth and character. Consider rustic elements in the form of repurposed farm equipment, reclaimed oak links, or retro metal cabinet hardware.

Use More Fabric Textiles

No material can ever compete with the softness that textiles or fabrics can offer a room. Textiles like fuzzy bath rugs and luxury bath towels are great for softening up bathrooms while fabrics like kitchen towels, table cloths, table runners, or napkins can create a much softer look in kitchens. In livingrooms you can also layer the sofa by adding a throw and cushions with interesting prints.

Choose Warmer-Toned Bulbs

Those extra bright LED bulbs are great for illuminating interior spaces but the crisp blue or cool tones of these lights tend to strip away the ambiance inside rooms. For instant warmth, you can try switching out your current bulb with something a little more yellow-toned. This simple technique won’t just create a cosier interior vibe, it will also make everyone inside the house seem a lot more attractive because warmer hues tend to be much more forgiving toward your complexion.

Remember To Add More Texture

Textured elements can give a room a much fuller feel and will also bring the character of the room to life. Instead of focusing on plain textiles and smooth furniture pieces, try switching up by adding more textured pieces. Choose furniture pieces that will give a real feeling with visibly textured upholstery, go for woven baskets, soft fluffy rugs, knit scatters, and chunky blankets. These accessories don’t have to be overwhelmingly bold in colour to add lots of warmth.

If you are struggling to create a perfect interior vibe or to warm up a space that always feel cold and impersonal then it is time to reach out to Alexander Pollock Interior Design. These professionals can help you transform any room from icy cold to warm and inviting in no time at all.