Chippendale Interior Decor

Factory Interior Design

At Alexander Pollock, we offer internal design results for factories in Melbourne and around the country. Creating factory interiors to reflect your businesses distinct style and character to produce a place which makes your customers feel welcome and increases staff’s productivity.

Interior Factory Design In Melbourne

Brilliant and cleverly planned factory and warehouse spaces are becoming increasingly popular around Melbourne, which means its best to keep up with the latest trends and designs. Factories are usually large spaces which means designing them can be a daunting task. Hiring a professional designer makes the process straightforward and saves you money and time too.

Factory Design And Planning Process

Our first step in factory interior design is working together in a comprehensive discussion so we can ascertain all aspects needed for your factory design. This discussion includes research into your business, your work and operational processes, culture, noise, the technology required and the lighting specifications. Understanding all these factors affords us the information we need to create the most beneficial, intelligent and unique factory space for your business.

At Alexander Pollock, our designers are qualified professionals who create unique working environments which are comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing. After the discussion process, we’ll then look closely at the existing space, take measurements and then provide you with a vision and recommendations of the best way to maximise the space and function of the factory area. Once this stage gets completed and approved, our skilled designers will create sketches and proposals for the design of the space.

Factory Design Plans

These plans include all design factors such as colours to be used, materials, lighting, furnishings and all safety measures which must get included within the design. Our designers adhere to all Victorian and Australian building regulations and requirements.

Factory Project Management

Finally, Alexander Pollock’s designers are experienced in project management. As factory interior design is often a large scale project, it becomes a vital element of the design implementation. Our team selects construction, plumbing, electrical and building contractors to carry out the job to your specifications. And our designers supervise all work getting completed on-site, ensuring a flawless job which stays within the agreed project timeline and budget.