Fun Facts About Interior Design Every Homeowner Should Read

When it is time for a home upgrade or to refresh the interior of your building, you have quite a few options. You can decorate yourself and leverage platforms like Pinterest and design apps to try and create a stylish look. Or you could leave most of the design in the hands of your building contractor. You could decide to decorate using only used antiques that others no longer liked. Or you could opt for brand-new furniture and decor pieces for a more modern feel.

Out of all the many options you have, it is usually best to hire a professional interior designer. In this guide, we are going to look at a couple of fun facts about hiring an interior designer and we take a peek at some of the benefits they offer.

The Interior Design Profession Started With Elsie De Wolfe

Elsie De Wolfe, an actress who lived 1865 – 1950 was greatly responsible for the rise of interior design as a profession. She was considered the first ever professional interior decorator and wrote a book called The House in Good Taste where many of her concepts and ideas are featured. Many of her concepts and styles are no longer in use in our modern times but she did help pave the road for future interior designers. 

More Windows Means Less Pain

Studies done at certain hospitals revealed that patients with room windows that face towards beautiful landscapes tended to heal much quicker and didn’t require as much pain medication. Many believe that this is because of the effects that natural plant life has on their mental state. The colour green, for example, has a relaxing effect on the body and mind and this hue also increases optimism. WHen someone is extremely stressed they are more likely to experience pain in the form of headaches or muscle aches. By adding more windows to your interior design, you can calm stress levels and reduce the amount of pain you feel.

Natural Made Elements Are Trendy Again

In these modern times, we saw lots of interior designers leap towards man made decorations and furniture. But lately, more people have started turning towards natural elements. Interior designers are focused on using elements like natural bamboo cork, cotton and natural stone as much as they possibly can. THis is because these natural materials are more eco-friendly, durable and offer a more relaxing feel.

Your Couch Has A Limited Life-Expectancy

THe average couch can only handle 728 sitters and 1,663 spills. For some this information can be a bit disturbing. But this gives homeowners a good idea as to when they should restore the old couch or when they should opt for something new. 

White Is Still The Most Popular Interior Colour

White is the most popular and most commonly found colour in home and business interiors and is likely to stay trendy for many years to come.. The main reason so many love white hues is due to the fact that this bright hue can make rooms seem so much bigger. White is also popular because it acts as a blank canvas that homeowners can easily adjust in order to achieve great looking decor.

Blue Is A Popular Business Colour For A Reason

Blue is one of the most common business colours. The reason so many prefer this colour is because it is said to enhance productivity levels. Blue also makes us feel a lot more confident. 

Gree Is A Great Upcoming Hue For Businesses

While blue used to be the main colour choice for businesses, more are likely to switch over to green hues. This is because green along with other natural elements can boost work productivity by up to 14%. THis is because this colour is soothing to the mind, assists with clear thinking, enhances focus, and makes us feel more goal oriented. 

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