Home Interior Decor Ideas for 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, there are plenty of great reasons to consider modernising your interior spaces. Some designs feel dated and stale after a few years while others are classic and require little in the way of upgrading. 

That’s where a residential interior firm can help you to make changes, whether subtle or significant, that can breathe life into living spaces and make you feel warm and welcome in the comfort of your home. Here are some home interior decor ideas to consider for 2020.

Geometric Patterns

The appeal of geometry and geometrical patterns isn’t a novelty. Geometric patterns were used in antiquity and will likely always remain a classic that’s got the potential to add variety and aesthetic appeal to any space. This trend is growing even more in recent years and is expected to be a hit in 2020.

Think, for example, of Spain’s Alhambra. This Moorish palace is fully decorated in various geometric patterns representing the divine. Its beauty is at times busy, but always proportional to the dimensions of the rooms and courtyards in which these patterns are found.

Black and White

Contrasting colour palettes have always had their place, but black and white will always be the strongest contrast since they are polar opposites on the light spectrum. The clean distinction between black furniture and white walls, for example, leaves an impression of simplicity and refinement without coming across as gaudy or ostentatious. There’s also plenty of room for customisation since these colours have always been popular choices in the home.

Biophilic Design

With more movement towards environmentalism and an appreciation for the outdoors, biophilia is expected to make waves in 2020. Think not only of the outdoors, however, because biophilia is a clever aesthetic blend of woods and natural elements with man-made, artificial elements. 

In addition to looks, recycled materials add an organic feel to spaces, which makes them feel more natural and back to the basics.

Floral Designs

If fashion and design seem cyclical at times, floral wallpaper and fabrics are no exception. A modern take on a 1970s favourite, floral designs, adds vibrancy and bursts of colour to living spaces in a way that feels fresh and altogether cleaner than what your grandmother’s house may have had.


Minimalist styles have seeped into seemingly everything, from minimalistic fashion to our very living spaces. Perhaps as a reaction to the prevalence of minimalistic living spaces, maximalist (i.e. the complete opposite) design is gaining quite a bit of traction. Think big, ostentatious, perhaps needlessly decorated spaces that project grandeur.

Earthy Tones

Once again in 2020, it’s expected that organic, nature-inspired colours and materials make their way forward in our homes. It’s become popular in coffee shops already for quite a bit of time, thanks to its use of wood and earthy browns and greens that help us, ever so slightly, connect with nature from the comfort of an urbanised space.

If home, for you, is a retreat from the office, it helps if that retreat has a zen-like power to help you unwind and take your mind off the often bland office space and to reconnect with yourself. Clay, taupe, green accents, and darker foresty green colours fit well with this aesthetic and feeling of making your home a more natural retreat.

Bring Your Design to Life With Alexander Pollock

Whether you’re inspired by the above home interior designing trends expected to be big in 2020 or you have your own bespoke design idea you’d like to see come to fruition, contact Alexander Pollock interior designers today and enquire about our Commercial interior design MelbourneHospitality interior design Melbourne, interior decor philosophy to see how we can help.