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Hospitality Interior Design

Alexander Pollock offers internal solutions for hospitality venues in Melbourne and around the country. Specialising in rooms to create a hospitality interior which reflects your businesses individual style, personality and creates a place which makes your customers feel fabulous.

If you’re like most people, then you love sitting in restaurants, cafes and bars, which means it’s critical for your hospitality business to get the interior designed and styled right. All hospitality establishments are the spot where people are away from there homes and frequently go to socialise. Meeting family, friends, going on a date, attending celebrations and parties where they usually either drink, dance and eat. Whichever it may be, these places create memories for us which means a well-crafted interior to reflect your business and its style is essential for your business.

Interior Hospitality Design In Melbourne

The purpose of hospitality design is to transform people into another place. To make them feel special, unique and taken care of. So the interior is an essential element in the business design of a hospitality venue.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, your hospitality business must have a compelling and unique interior design and decoration, so it stands out, gets people through the doors, returning to the venue and makes you money too.

Professional and experienced hospitality interior designers can create spaces which elevate a unique style and mood while at the same time maximising the area, so it benefits you financially.

Business Consultation

During our initial consultation, we work closely together and conduct a complete analysis of your business as well as your visions and requirements so we can understand it as a whole. And further, discuss what you want to gain and from the design project so we can create your vision to match these requirements flawlessly.

Hospitality Design and Process

When it comes to planning a hospitality interior properly, there are many essential elements to factor in. Which means it’s most beneficial for your business to get a designer who understands the industry. Regardless of the size of your establishment, each hospitality design needs to accommodate a specific amount of patrons who will be at the venue, so you maximise profits. But at the same time, include distinct, exciting and unique features to attract customers.

Further to the above, when planning a hospitality space such factors as industrial kitchen design, ensuring the prevention of overcrowding and sourcing materials which have longevity and endurance must be factored into the design. Materials such as lighting, flooring, finishes, fabrics, artwork, colour schemes and accessories all play a critical role is a successful hospitality establishment. Additional to these materials, window placement, floor and ceiling design also place a crucial role in maximising a hospitality space to reach its full potential.

At Alexander Pollock, our hospitality interior designers are specialists in creating beautiful spaces which allow for excellent customer service, wonderful word and mouth and strong customer retention.

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