How to Properly Style a Bathroom

A bathroom renovation project can boost your property value a great deal, especially if your bathroom was out of date or if it was in serious need of some repairs. But you don’t always have to renovate your entire bathroom to make it look stylish. The right décor elements and bathroom accessories can make any plain and dull bathroom space look a lot warmer and inviting. 

In this guide, we are going to share some great tips to help you style your bathroom without spending a fortune on your upgrade.

Perk Up the Vanity Top

If your vanity top is looking dull and stained then it might be time to consider something more luxurious. Natural stone countertops or vanity tops are always a winner, especially if you choose a luxurious stone type like marble, light granite or quality quartz. The natural stone will make your bathroom look and feel a lot classier and these countertops are virtually indestructible.

Refresh Your Vanity Base

With many bathrooms, the vanity always looks out of place or look too dull. Giving your vanity doors and sides a new coat of paint can make it look a lot more visually appealing and will also break down the bleak or plain look of your bathroom so it will seem a lot more unique. Caulk paint is an ideal refresher for any old furniture item and with the many colours available, you can completely change your colour scheme or accentuate a current colour scheme in your bathroom.

Add a Vanity Arrangement

Your vanity top is a perfect spot to add some décor. To create a gorgeous vanity arrangement, grab a small tray and add an odd number of items on your tray like 3, 5, or 7 items (vase, scented candle, soap dispenser, fragrance, hand lotion) because an odd number of items always look presentable. Remember to add a flower or natural coral arrangement to your vase and regularly switch out the arrangement for a fresh new look.

Consider a Bath Tray

Adding a bath tray to the bathtub is a lot like adding a welcome sign to your home. Bathtub trays look great and they can make a luxurious bath soak even more fun since you can use the tray for a book. Be careful not to add just anything onto your tray. It is best to style your tray with simple yet stylish bath accessories like bath salts, a candle, and natural wood body brushes.

Add a Stylish Stool

A stylish stool is a good alternative to a bath tray. Get a vintage stool or vintage wood chair that you can pop up next to the tub or shower. Add a textured towel and some décor elements like crystals or candles for a stylish look.

Treat Bath Mats Like Art

Bath mats can make your cold tiles look and feel warmer. You can also use bath mats to enhance the room’s décor. Try to get a mat with textured fabric, bamboo, or something woven that will add more interest to the room. 

Place Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are terrific for brightening up your bathroom and for improving indoor air quality. Plants like aloe Vera, peace lily, snake plant, rubber tree, ZZ plants, and money trees fair well indoors and will look great if you place them in a stylish vase. 

If you are still not sure how to style your bathroom or if you still didn’t get the results you were hoping for then you can always give Alexander Pollock Interior Designers a call. We can determine whether your bathroom can be revived with a few dimple décor elements or if it is better to get a full-scale renovation or revamp. With our help, your bathroom will look terrific no matter how big or small it might be.