How to Properly Style a Guest Bedroom

It is great to have a stylish bedroom available when holiday guests arrive or when friends or relatives are visiting from afar. With a perfectly prepared guest bedroom, guests will feel almost like they are stepping into a bed and breakfast instead of imposing. 

Styling the perfect guest bedroom can be challenging because you want to create a room that is beautiful with a soft and warm feel but you also don’t want to create a room that looks over the top or cluttered.

By following the right rules, you can however create a charming and inviting space without any unnecessary spending. Here is a quick look at some great tips or rules to follow when you are styling that extra bedroom in your home.

Install Proper Lighting 

This is one of the most important features yet so many people forget all about the lighting because all the focus usually goes on the bedding. The best thing you can do is leverage as much natural sunlight as possible by installing light tones or white curtains. A decent ceiling light will make it easier for guests to see properly inside their travel cases but you also want to add bedside lamps that can be used to create a nice and warm atmosphere in the bedroom.

Focus On Inviting or Happy Colours

With this room, you don’t want to be too cold and impersonal which means greys and muted colours probably are not the best colour scheme. Consider colour psychology when you select your bedroom colours. Yellow is a favourite colour for guest bedrooms because it is a cheerful colour that can make guests feel cheerful, warm, happy, and energetic. Orange is also a good tone since this colour usually makes people feel enthusiastic, fun, and lively. Green tones like olive or lime are also popular for guest bedrooms since these natural hues can make guests feel safe and peaceful.

Layer the Bed

Layers of bed linen are superb for softening up a room. Start by adding an oversized comforter so it can stretch well beyond the mattress frame. Next, you will want to add a luxurious oversized throw with a texture that differs from your comforter linen.

Add Layers of Cushioning

Comforter sets usually include one matching pair of pillowcases which is sufficient for sleeping but hardly enough for décor purposes. You will want to add an extra set of pillows with pillowcases to match your bedsheets. Next, your bed will need a large statement scatter cushion or pair of scatters in a texture that is different from your throw and comforter. Faux fur is always a good fabric since this fuzzy fabric is ideal for creating a softer feel.

Soften Up the Headboard Area

You might already have a headboard which is just fine. But if you don’t have one just yet then it might be wise to invest in a headboard that is thickly padded or to get a wedge pillow that can double for a headboard. These bedroom fixtures are ideal for sitting up in bed so guests can catch up on their reading or plan out the next day on their smartphones.

Add a Nice Mat

Empty floors can look and feel cold and impersonal. Install a beautiful textured carpet with a hue that matches your colour scheme. These flooring solutions are great for warming up a cold tile floor.

Add Your Décor

Finally, you will want to add a bit of décor to give the bedroom some character. A couple of large wall paintings are always a good option but since you want your guests to feel welcome, a quote can be more appropriate. Something that says ‘Be our guest’ is sure to make guests feel wanted. You can also add some fresh flowers to the bedside tables or scented candles that you can light up just before your guests arrive.

With these basics, your guest bedroom is bound to look fantastic. But if you want to create a guest bedroom that is truly unique and highly decorative then it is best to ask for help from a professional interior designer Melbourne like Alexander Pollock.