Interior Decor Concepts for a Splendid Christmas

The festive season is on hand and everyone is excited to get together with friends for delicious fine-tasting meals. It is also a lot of fun to hang those gorgeous Christmas decorations for a more festive and happy vibe.

There isn’t a wrong way to décor for the holidays but some great tips from expert designers can help you take your festive décor to the next level. Here is a quick look at a couple of great holiday decorating ideas that Melbourne interior designers use in their own homes.

Keep Your Home’s Style in Mind

Not all decoration types are compatible with all design and home styles. If your entire home has an antique vibe then modern inflatable decorations can sometimes seem over the top and cheap while traditional or classic décor would have looked a lot more elegant. For modern homes, classic décor can seem a bit dull. Before you start buying décor, you should take a close look at your home’s overall theme and choose something that will complement this style.

Minimalist and Contemporary Is Usually Best

Huge trees and excessive decorations can look good in parks and stores, but these over-exaggerated decorations usually look cheap and over the top in your average home. In most cases, minimalist or contemporary decorations look much better than excessive decorations that are just too much for the eye to handle.

Stick To Specific Colour Combinations

It is pretty easy to become distracted by all the wonderful colour schemes and decorations when you go shopping. But if you want to create a beautiful festive setup then it is best to choose a specific décor colour scheme and stick to it through the years. When you have a specific colour scheme, all of your decorations will always match well together and you can build and increase your festive décor collection larger every year.

Stock Up On Boxwood Wreaths

Boxwood wreaths are a favourite Christmas decoration for plenty of house designers because they are a lot easier to hang compared to garlands and they are less messy. These wreaths always look neat and tidy and are ideal for an easy decoration session.

Add Some Décor to Your Storage

Your decorations don’t have to be reserved for the windows, doors, kitchen island, and Christmas tree. Adding a couple of simple decorations to displays and storage cabinets can help distribute the festive vibe all over the kitchen. Toss a couple of decorations in baskets, clear vases or on cake plates and stack them on your display or storage cases to give these dull areas a festive feel.

Garlands Are Always a Winner

Green garlands are some of the best decorations to invest in because they are so flexible. You can wrap them around your staircase balustrades, around doors, over window frames, or around chairs. You can also style simple garlands by adding a few tiny Christmas orbs to them so they can draw more attention. This is one of the best decorations to invest in because they are so easy to use and they are easy to store away until next year.

Add Some Fresh Scents

Smells play a huge role in homes and can enhance that festive feel. You can buy diffusers and place them all over your home. But another more affordable solution is to make your own fragrances. A bowl of clove pierced oranges or some vanilla-flavored lava rock diffusers can help distribute that glorious Christmas scent at a very affordable price.

These are all fantastic decoration ideas but if you don’t have the time to implement them, or if you want to get your hands on designer-influenced decorations then you should reach out to Alexander Pollock Interior Design. Experts can help you redefine your décor for once and for all so this and all future festive seasons will look fantastic.

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