Interior Decorating Secrets That Only the Best Designers Know About

Everybody is different in their tastes and talents. Some have a natural eye for design while others find it hard to put something as simple as a matching pair of scatter cushions together. If you are one of those people who cannot do anything without seeking inspiration from Pinterest, don’t feel alone. Your skill simply lies in a different area in which interior designers will probably fail horribly. 

House decorators live and breathe decorating and design. Their work is practically all they ever think of whether they are on the job or trying to relax at home. But this obsession does offer others plenty of benefits because constant studies and experience teach these designers things that very few other people know.

Here are a few of the best-kept secrets that only the best interior designing pros discovered after many hours of hard work in this industry.

Molding around Doors Is a Golden

One of the best ways to instantly add lots of charm to rooms is with molding around doors and windows. Whether you choose to invest in faux molding, timber molding or ceiling moulding, this little edge makes a huge difference in the overall look of interior spaces.

Yes, You Can Mix Old and New Décor

Lots of home designers only focus on modern or classic interior styles and they are missing out on huge opportunities to create concepts that are entirely new. Old and new pieces belong together. 

Old furniture pieces offer a classic charm and a sense of sentiment and new pieces and effects offers a touch of the modern world. By combining old and new pieces of furniture and design concepts, designers can pull off unique looks for every single room they create.

Wallpaper Is a Huge Trick Card

Wallpaper is one of the best decorative effects if you need to brighten up a dull area. There are so many beautiful wallpaper designs out there that can instantly liven up any dull and bleak area in a home. 

Wallpaper is superb picks for hallways, pantries, powder rooms and can create very interesting visuals inside cupboards.

A Touch of Antique Goes a Long Way

Antiques have always been sought-after treasures. The right piece of antique furniture in your modern home can offer lots of charm and can enhance the feeling of value inside rooms. Antiques are also good investments because these pieces are incredibly sturdy and as such can be considered as forever furniture pieces.

Paint Colours Have Tremendous Power

It is important to never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint or the power of a bold new paint colour. This is one of the most affordable methods to create a striking new look and paint colours can be used to make rooms look much more spacious or can set the tone for a specific vibe in a room.

White Kitchens Are the Ultimate – Go To

If you want to create a kitchen that is going to be trendy forever then go with white kitchen cabinets. White kitchens always look bright and clean and this base colour is so easy to transform when you just add a few accent art and decorative touches to the kitchen.

Art Is Always a Good Idea

Art is the most powerful tool to transform a room. This is one of the most-loved concepts that house designers use to make interiors more visually pleasing and lively.

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