Interior Design Tips for a Better Sleep Environment

Good sleep is essential for good health. But getting that sleep you so desperately need can be a challenge if you have sleep issues or if you do shift work. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to renovate and redecorate your bedroom, optimising it for better sleep is the best one!

The right bedroom improvements can have a tremendous impact on your quality of sleep and your ability to fall asleep quickly. If you are constantly tossing and turning at night then it might be time to toss out your current bedroom decor and transform this space into a calmer and more soothing area.

Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind when you are busy preparing the perfect sleep environment.

Invest in Temperature Control

Sleeping in an icy bedroom isn’t good for your health. Your body will crumble into a tiny ball and muscles will contract throughout the night. This will leave you with terrible muscle spasms and a sore body. 

On the other hand, it also feels terrible to wake up soaked in sweat if your bedroom is too warm. A temperature range of 18 – 21 degrees C is ideal for getting some quality rest. One of the best ways to achieve this perfect temperature throughout the seasons is by installing a smart climate controller in your bedroom. With this unit, your air conditioning unit will keep your bedroom at a perfect cozy temperature throughout the night.

Darken Up Your Bedroom Without Going Dark

Your mind starts producing more melatonin (sleep hormones) when it is completely dark. This spike in melatonin naturally makes you feel tired or sleepy at night. It is always better to sleep in a dark environment. If a street light is shining through your windows then it is time to make some changes. Install some block-out roller blinds behind your curtains or window blinds so you can block out all light when it is nap time. 

While you are eliminating light in your bedroom, you should be careful not to go too dark. Dark walls and linen colours can have a depressing effect and could negatively impact your mental health. 

The goal is to control the amount of light that enters your room (when you need to sleep) but not to create a space that is dark and depressing.

You should also still be able to open up your windows during day time. Lots of bright light early in the morning will wake up your mind so you will feel ready to start the day.

Focus On Soothing Hues

Bright colours tend to make you feel more excited. Bright red, for example, will increase your heart rate and can promote aggressive feelings. These are not the type of emotions you want to awaken if you need more sleep. Instead, try to focus on a muted colour palette for your bedroom. Pastel colours, beiges, cool blues, greys, and natural materials are always best for creating a more soothing space.

Streamline and Eliminate

Clutter in spaces has been proven to increase anxiety levels. It is best to keep clutter in your bedroom to a bare minimum. It is best to invest in lots of storage units so you can put all clothing items, books, or bedroom accessories away.

You should also try to remove any work-related items from your bedroom. Items like a laptop, work files, or a work desk will can be stressors because they will remind you of pending projects. 

Get Help Creating a Perfect Sleep Environment

If you don’t know how to get started on your bedroom renovation then it is best to give Alexander Pollock Interior Design a call. Our professional interior designers will help you do a full bedroom transformation. With our guidance, your bedroom will be transformed into a soothing, yet stylish haven that will leave you feeling refreshed and fully revived in the morning.