Kitchen And Bathroom Design

At Alexander Pollock, we create smart, functional and pleasing spaces for kitchens and bathrooms around Melbourne and all of Australia. We develop interiors to reflect your style, character and maximise the purpose of the room. Having a beautiful kitchen and an aesthetically pleasing bathroom changes your entire home and your mood as well. Meaning they’re both essential rooms to get designed right.

Bathroom Interior Design Melbourne

A bathroom is a sophisticated room, especially when it comes to its fixtures, wet areas and plumbing, which means its best to leave it to a professional if you’re looking at a redesign and restyle. A bathroom redesign can bring life into your home and change how you use the space. Which means its a room you’ll enjoy spending time in. Due to our increasingly busy lifestyles, bathrooms are becoming an area people want to unwind in, so its best it’s designed to suit your lifestyle and the characteristics of your home.

The bathroom is often the most used room in a house. Therefore it’s an area which can date and decline quickly from such problems as broken tiles, a leaking shower or moisture and mould build-up. However, designs are now contemporary and space maximising, which means our bathroom team produces spaces to create more floor area, efficiency and ensures a beautiful, comfortable and timeless space.

Interior designers understand what works and what won’t work within each particular bathroom space. So let us take the weight off your shoulders and create a functional and incredible bathroom for your home. One which is contemporary also gets you excited to use and increases the value of your home too.

Kitchen Interior Design Melbourne

Much like a bathroom, a kitchen is also a sophisticated room to rejuvenate and create. Kitchens are an intricate design to formulate due to various factors like selecting the most suitable materials and colour, appliances, electrical areas, wet areas and the overall layout. Due to these factors, it’s a complex room to properly design and its best left to a professional. This way, you’ll avoid costly mistakes or potential design disasters and complete the kitchen of your dreams without any problems.

Our kitchen designers work together with you so we can understand the kitchen vision you have in mind, this way we’re able to create it to be a room which reflects your personality and matches your requirements. A kitchen redesign often comes with many operators required to complete the job such as electricians, architects and plumbers. Nevertheless, our team works closely with everyone who’s completing your kitchen project, so you don’t have the added pressure of project management.

A bathroom and kitchen should reflect your personality and lifestyle and maximise the space available. Let us create the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams.

We’ll deliver amazing designs that maximise your budget and space while hitting the milestones. Transform your Commercial interior design MelbourneHospitality interior design MelbourneOffice interior design Melbourne with our cutting-edge interior design solutions. Contact the team today to bring your interior visions to life.