Questions You Should Ask Your Interior Designer

Beautifying living and working spaces can take a lot of work and a keen eye for aesthetics. This is where professional interior designers can really help. Before you do hire an interior designer, it’s helpful to have a few questions to ask them to ensure that your needs are aligned and that you’re seeing the changes you envision being implemented to your satisfaction.

1. How Do You Decide on Projects?

For interior designers, beautiful success stories can make for a great addition to a portfolio. These projects can be showcased on the designer’s website or social media, thereby attracting web traffic and interested clients. 

Designers, much like any profession, need to be selective about which projects are appropriate for their firm in order to maintain a solid reputation. Ask your interior designer which projects they tend to find more attractive so that you have an idea of what their expectations are.

2. Do You Prefer to Have Full Control or Do You Welcome Collaboration?

It’s understandable that interior designers be given some leeway in terms of design choices. After all, it’s what they do best. How well do they welcome the opinions and preferences of their clients?

Ask your designer whether they are willing to incorporate your ideas, and if so, to what level of detail is it acceptable to suggest these ideas? Some designers prefer to be left to create their own designs without interference, so if this is something you’re okay with then it’s better to find out before proceeding.

3. What Inspires Your Style Choices?

Artists of all types draw inspiration from elsewhere. Whether it’s the imagination or from emotions or from well-established styles, such as in architecture, it’s helpful to know what inspires your interior designer.

Some interior designers have more experience with more traditional styles whilst others may be more fond of minimalistic styles, for example. Have a look at some of the previous projects showcased by your preferred interior designer to get a feel for their inspiration and determine for yourself if they’re the right fit to implement your ideas.

4. How Do You Handle Complicated Design Projects?

Every design project has its own unique characteristics and potential challenges. For example, poorly-lit rooms won’t suddenly become better lit with paint and furniture placement. Perhaps a better lighting solution is required, but how and where exactly should it be placed for best effect? These types of challenges are better handled by more experienced interior designers because they’ll have the knowledge and experience of the tools at their disposal to improve even the most challenging of spaces.

5. How Well Does Your Company Manage Projects?

Interior design involves much more than simply selecting colours and flora to bring a space to life. At its core, it’s a project and thus requires some degree of project management skill. Where extensive work is required, work schedules and timelines become all the more essential to keeping costs reasonable and to ensure that work is being completed according to schedule.

Ask your interior designer if they implement project management strategies with proven success. Gantt charts and resource allocation are helpful and powerful tools, but does the interior designer implement project management effectively?

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Whether you’re considering hiring an interior designer for your residential or commercial space, be sure to ask them plenty of questions. Interior design is subjective to taste and preference, so be sure to find an interior designer that’s attentive to your needs and desires. 

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