Simple Yet Stylish Decor Ideas For Your Home

You don’t always have to do a full-scale renovation to improve the look of your home interior or exterior.  Simple and subtle changes in your home are often all you need to refresh a space or to create some balance in a room that looks ill matched. There are lots of affordable changes that you can make that can have quite a dramatic impact on the way a room looks or feels. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of simple decor ideas that can give your home a fresh new look.

Find A New Spot For Flowers

Flowers in a beautiful vase are one of the simplest techniques to add charm and colour to a room. If you are always keeping a vase with flowers in the same room then it might be time to move things around a bit or extend your love for fresh blooms to other rooms. If the upkeep of real flowers proves to be too much then you can always opt for quality faux alternatives. For faux flowers, you might want to invest in a couple of extra briquettes so you can switch things out as the seasons change.

Add A Mirror

There are few decorations that can compete with the aesthetics and functionality of a mirror with a beautiful frame. Mirrors are great for making rooms look a lot bigger and they can also make dark interiors seem lighter because any light in the room will bounce off the mirror to create additional illumination. A mirror is a great statement piece to hang and you can position them in bedrooms, hallways, entryways, or dining rooms.

Add Decor To Shelving Units

Bookshelves can oftentimes seem messy when different types of books with all sorts of colors and sizes are stacked everywhere. Adding some decorative elements to your bookcase will help create some more character and charm. Any type of decor element including vases, lanterns, lamps, scented candles, small statues, or paintings can be helpful for giving your bookshelves a more interesting vibe.

Create A Reading Nook

Everyone needs a comfortable little area to sit down and read. Reading nooks won’t just encourage you to read more, they will also add some warmth and comfort to a room. For a great-looking reading nook, it is best to choose one comfortable bench or couch. Add a tall statement standing lamp for illumination and don’t forget to include a little side table where you can easily position a cup of hot chocolate. Soft accents in the form of scatter cushions and a heavily textured throw will give this area a very soft and cozy feel.

Create A Breakfast Nook

A comfortable little breakfast nook in the kitchen or outside your home on a patio can add a lot of functionality to your home. For a visually appealing breakfast area, it is best to focus on statement furniture pieces with a touch of rustic appeal. You can also add a vase with attractive florals and a statement rug underneath your table to add some warmth and charm.

Swap Out Your Scatters And Throws 

One of the easiest ways to refresh a bedroom or livingroom that is looking a bit dull is by swapping out decorations like scatters and throws. New scatter cushions and throws in different colour, textures, and different shapes can give these spaces an entirely different feel. And when you get tired of this new look, you can always retrieve the old items which might look all bright and new after a couple of months of being out of sight. 

If small changes just don’t seem to make the cut or don’t seem to offer enough of a fresh look then it might be time to hire an interior designer melbourne for an extensive makeover. Alexander Pollock Interior Design can help you with any small to large-scale renovation project and will help you create interiors that you can be proud of.