Spring Decor Trends for a Fresher Home

Adding a couple of fresh touches to your home is one of the most fun things about spring. A couple of new touches to your home can be helpful for keeping your home fresh and interesting so you won’t feel like taking on massive and costly renovation projects every couple of weeks.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best 2022 spring décor trends to consider for your home this season.

Think Texture

Adding more texture to rooms is always a good way to make these spaces feel homier and look a lot more interesting. There are lots of different ways to add more layering or texture to a room. Items like 3D wall paneling, velvety upholstery furniture, furry scatter cushions, and high-texture cushions can all help create a room with a lot more depth.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Springtime is one of the best times to add more natural plants to indoor spaces. These added greens are superb for making your home look and feel a lot livelier and that vibrant green colour can give you a boost in energy or can enhance your productivity levels.

Just be careful when choosing your indoor plants. Only certain varieties will fare well under these lighting conditions. It is best to focus on plants like snake plants, a string of hearts, peace lilies, anthurium, and others that can survive with very little direct sunlight.

Checks And Stripes Are Back!

Check and stripe patterns aren’t something we see too often in homes and businesses these days. But the word is that these patterns are making a huge comeback. Instead of focusing on plain or solid surfaces, opt for accessories like carpets, cushions, wall art, and curtains with patterns. Patterns like stripes, chevrons, and checks can create a more cheerful and whimsical appearance.

Outdoor Kitchens Are a Must

Outdoor kitchens have been a huge hit these past couple of years and will continue to be trendy in 2022 and probably for many years to come. If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen just yet then this is a terrific spring upgrade to consider. You don’t need a huge lavish outdoor kitchen to have a lot more fun when cooking. There are many outdoor kitchen concepts including small kitchen ideas that can fit on a small balcony that can have quite an impact on your home functionality.

Expressive Walls

Paint colour trends are expected to be more vibrant and bold than ever before. A lot of homeowners are becoming more and more creative with their mixed colour pallets and they strive to create lots of contrast between walls by focusing on stripes and patterns. A fresh new wall colour pallet can do wonders for freshening up the way your home looks and is a great way to bring that spring feeling to life.

Classic Elements Are Also Back in Fashion

In our modern lifestyle, modern design trends seemed to be the norm. But since the minimalist trend has gained a lot of popularity, a lot more people have started paying more attention to classic and antique elements. Classic items like an antique sofa, an upcycled coffee table, and a bookcase filled with old books can give your home a more historic feel and can make your interior a lot more interesting.

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