The 7 Most Famous Interior Designers Working Today in Melbourne

Are you looking for the top interior designers in Melbourne? You are at the right place. Whether you are looking for ideas or inspiration, or an expert to help you with your own requirements, we’ve got you covered. From the classic Melbourne style to unique design ideas, we have curated a list of the best options for you to choose from.

There is a huge and diverse range of interior designers in Australia with their unique tastes, ideologies, philosophy, and design choices. Each of these designers has achieved heights in their works thanks to their distinctive taste in Melbourne interior design, their choice of palettes, themes, and colours, and most importantly their hard work and dedication to their work. All these designers tend to see interior design not as a mere process of decorating a given interior space, but as a wholesome process of giving the space its own unique identity while blending in a mix of form and function.

So let us jump into a world of interior design beauty with some of the top designers in Melbourne.


Established in 1971 by Sue Carr, this firm is one of the top names in Melbourne’s interior design arena. It is an award-winning design firm that has been behind various stunning projects. It takes a timeless approach to interior design with thoughtful detailing to give each space its own unique character.
One of its highly regarded design philosophies is known as ‘Dynamic Restraint.’ carr has also won many prestigious awards due to its beautiful work over the years, including the Australian Interior Design Award for Hospitality Design in 2019 and IDEA Best Overall Design Project in 2017.

2.Flack Studio

Flack Studio is a relatively newer design firm that has achieved ground-breaking success in the field with its stand-out design ideas and beautiful, contemporary interior designs. The firm believes in merging past and future with a creative flair to create interiors that are inviting and sophisticated. Flack Studio has a particular focus on bringing elements together to work comprehensively, which include lighting, fittings, accessories, furniture, and textiles. This design philosophy and a daring approach has helped them rise ranks quickly to become one of the top names in this space.

3.Bergman & Co.

Bergman & Co. is another renowned name in Melbourne’s interior design space. It has a huge portfolio with all kinds of projects across residential and commercial interiors with a focus on being bespoke and client-specific. This firm’s design approach and style is a blend of many, and it does not limit itself to a particular kind of design idea. The works are inspired by factors such as international experiences, innovation, research, and unique flairs. The firm is led by Wendy Bergman who works with local artisans and craftsmen for all kinds of projects.

4.David Hicks

David Hicks is a passout from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where he pursued interior design. He started his own studio in 2000 after working for various big names in the industry. Hicks has worked on creating his own design philosophy based on a stand-out international style that lays huge emphasis on being streamlined spaces that have elegant and sophisticated decore layers.

He has won many prestigious awards such as FX International Design Awards, Belle Coco Republic Design Awards, and IDEA Awards, all thanks to his holistic design philosophy.

5.Alexander Pollock

One of the leading names in Melbourne’s interior design sector, Alexander Pollock offers tailored solutions based on a panoptic design approach that leads to wholesome interior spaces that offer a feeling of completeness. This firm blends multiple factors for the best combinations of form and function, including materials, textiles, furnishings, finishings, and accessories to offer a harmonious whole of interior space.

6.MIM Design

MIM Design is another well-regarded practice known for its amazing creativity and intricate attention to detail. Led by Miriam Fanning, MIM Design is known for its minimalist, understated, cool, and contemporary style. This name has been around as one of the top ones with over 20 years of experience under its belt. Its focus is to create bespoke projects that not only enhance the feel of the clients’ lives but also reflect who they are or what their brand stands for, imparting a unique identity to each project.

7.SJB Interiors

SJB Interiors is another highly popular name in Melbourne, with huge focus on the hospitality space. They aim to incorporate sustainability into their work and designs, working on complex projects that require them to bring out the best in terms of qualities and characteristics. Their idea is to push their boundaries and look at each project as a challenge to create unique and tailored solutions. This also helps them to achieve aesthetically pleasing works that are a balance of form and function.

If you need help recreating interior in your own home or you need Commercial interior design MelbourneHospitality interior design Melbourne then it is best to give Alexander Pollock Interior Design a call. We can help you achieve the best interior look for any room or office.