The Traditional Interior Design Style – Is It A Good Look For Your Home?

Are you considering the traditional design style for your home? This can be a great look for your home and there are many different variations of this popular and classic style. In this guide, we try to define this style a little bit more so you can understand what it entails and decide whether it is a good option for your home or not.

Where Does The Traditional Interior Design Style Come From?

This design style became popular during the 20th century when people started copying 18th and 19th century England and France design themes. This design theme seems to cling even as many other trends come and go since it isn’t overly theme, color, or style specific.

What Is The Traditional Interior Design Style

The traditional interior design style is probably one of the most common trends or designs used in homes. This design trend is popular because it is pretty easy to achieve, it offers a soothing and familiar feel, and the elements are usually classic and won’t fall out of trend any time soon.

This design style can vary a lot and can appear different in every home. The main characteristic of this design style is that the decor style is rooted in tradition with classic furniture pieces, warm hues, and lots of comfort features. At the same time, these spaces are usually not overly fancy and nothing in the rooms is too era or theme specific.

Characteristics Of The Traditional Interior Design Style

It is not very easy to define this type of design style because the style can vary for different locations and can appear different at different times. Here is a quick look at the main characteristics of what this design trend looks like at present.

  • The furniture and decor used in these types of spaces are mostly 18th and 19th-century European styled. This often includes heavy wood furniture pieces with lots of decorative touches and textured upholstery.
  • These types of classical rooms usually include selective statement fine artworks with heavy frames.
  • The furniture does feature ornamental details but these details are usually not over-emphasized.
  • The rooms have a functional and family-friendly setup.
  • A lot of focus is placed on symmetry and rooms usually included furniture sets with matching accessories like lamps.
  • The colour pallets are usually neutral with bold colors used sparingly about the room.
  • The wood furniture and floors tend to be darker-toned.
  • Walls are often painted in neutral colours or can include subtly patterned wallpapers.
  • The textiles in these rooms are also typically neutral or may feature subtle patterns in colours that are not too bold.
  • Furniture and decor pieces usually work together harmoniously with nothing out of place.
  • Use classical lighting features like pendant lights, sconces, and chandeliers.
  • Turkish and Persian-styled rugs are pretty common in these types of spaces.

Is The Traditional Interior Design Style A Good Pick For Your Home?

The traditional interior design style can be a great look for family homes or for anyone who wants to create a space that will remain functional even as other trends come and go. This is an ideal interior decorating style for anyone who has a lot of inherited furniture and art pieces or someone who loves to create functional spaces that are not too trend specific.

This design style can be very warm and functional for family homes but it often isn’t the easiest look to achieve because the design style is all about finding balance and functionality. Any art, decor, or furniture used in these spaces is meant to be a lifelong investment and can be pricey. If you want to create interior spaces with the perfect traditional design style then it is best to get some help from Alexander Pollock Interior Design. Our professionals will work closely with you to design and create spaces that you will love right now and for many years to come.

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