Top 10 Australian Interior Designers you Need to Know

Australia is becoming a hotbed of interior design with a lot of local and international names showcasing their talent in properties across the country. Interior Design in Australia was mostly popularised by famous Australian designer Marion Hall Best, whose efforts made way for many independent professional designers to go ahead and achieve fame. While many of the names in the Australian interior design space may be up and coming, there are still a few major figures that have made a good name for themselves such as Blainey North, Sue Carr, Fiona Lynch, Alexander Pollock, and Greg Natale.

So let us take a brief look at the top 10 Australian interior designers in the list below:

1.Greg Natale

A big name in the interior design arena, Greg Natale is a multi-award-winning interior designer in Australia who has also released two books about the subject.
Featured across various magazines worldwide, he is known for his skills with colours, shades, and their combination. He also excels in his unique work of blending different textures, colours, and patterns to create stunning and sophisticated designs.
He also works on producing intricate organic and geometric shapes and patterns that can be seen in his works with carpets, rugs, furniture, decor pieces, and accessories.

2.Blainey North

Blainey North is another one of many renowned and prolific interior designers in Australia, known for her work in designing luxurious indoor spaces. Her interior design studio Blainey North and Associates has now been operational for around 20 years, during which time she has worked with various clients on a variety of projects including yachts, residences, and commercial spaces such as restaurants.
She is known for her refined and modern taste in interior design art, and in-depth subject knowledge and expertise.

3.Alexander Pollock

Another renowned name in Australia’s interior design space, Alexander Pollock focuses on designing exceptional spaces with smart characteristics that bring out the real character and breathe life into the space while ensuring important factors such as practicality.
Alexander Pollock’s work is based on looking at the target space to create a wholesome vision that balances form and function to create a balance. A very well-known name, Alexander Pollock has won various awards for its creative and thoughtful work along with mentions across magazines such as Vogue and House & Garden.

4.David Hicks

David Hicks is another big name in the Australian interior design community, and has his studio running from the year 2000. Catering to a wide range of clientele, David focuses on designing smooth and streamlined spaces that are sophisticated and elegant. A winner of various prestigious design awards, David Hicks has a holistic ideology that incorporates interior design, the surrounding environment, and the architecture. Hicks is also regarded as a revolutionary in modern design, and his work can be seen having strong and simple lines that give off a clean aesthetic.


ACME is another prominent name in Australia’s interior design world. Started by Vince Alafaci and designer Caroline Choker in 2013, it goes by the idea of being a multidisciplinary firm, offering architectural services along with and interior and exterior design services.
ACME aims at offering holistic services based on clients needs by looking at the environment, space, lighting, materials, and other such factors to make the best use of any given space. They have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from hospitality sector and commercial spaces to residences and public sector projects.

6.Fiona Lynch

Fiona Lynch is a widely celebrated name that beautifies spaces and adds a unique charm to them by playing with textures, lighting, and colours. Fiona stands apart from other names due to the blend of materials and a minimalistic style. Fiona has won various prestigious awards I have received over the years, including Female Designer of the Year (Design Anthology Awards 2021), Commendation for Hospitality Design (Australia Interior Design Awards 2021) and Top 200 Design Influencer (AD Germany 2019).


Hassell has a huge presence across many major cities in Australia, and it always works on projects based on huge amounts of in-depth research and technology. Hassel is aimed at creating beautiful and modern designs for any space. Hassle received the Lloyd Rees Award for Urban Design for three straight years, and has worked on a huge range of well-regarded projects.


Carr is a highly regarded Melbourne-based interior design company with a long standing history and experience in the field, amounting to up to 5 years. Due to this, Carr has also earned the highly coveted title of Australia’s most famous Interior Design practice. Founded by Sue Carr, this company is well established and regarded as one of the early champions of Modern Interior Design Melbourne.

9.Bates Smart

Bates Smart is another multidisciplinary company that offers highly unique interior design services. It has a very targeted design ideology and philosophy that focuses on aesthetics, beauty, innovation, and is specific to the client’s needs. Not only are their projects designed to the last detail, but these are highly future-proof as well.

10.Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot is one of the oldest names in Australia’s interior design arena, and was founded around a century ago. One of the most prominent and well-regarded names, it undertakes huge projects in the commercial and hospitality sectors. With a huge global presence, Woods Bagot pushes the boundaries of interior designing. The firm works on a huge range of styles and ideas.

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