What Interior Decoration Trends Are Going To Be Big In 2021?

2020 has been a long year for most people. We can all do with a few positive changes in our lives and our homes. Since many people have been spending a lot more time at home, this is probably a great year to focus on home improvements. 

The right home improvements can make your home a lot more fun to spend time in and a fresh new look for your interiors is just what you need for getting rid of negative feelings. Let’s take a quick look at some home interior trends that are going to be popular this year so you can draw some inspiration for your own home.

01. Yellow and Grey Colours

Grey tones have been very popular over these past few years because grey offers a calm feel and this colour goes well with just about any other hue. In the past, grey tones were mostly used on their own but this year, more homeowners will be bringing in some bright yellow accents to brighten up dull greys. Grey and yellow is a terrific combination because yellow is an uplifting colour and grey keeps you feeling relaxed.

02. Contemporary Country

Everyone still loves the country home style or the farm style trend. But this year, interior designers will try to combine contemporary trends to brighten up these often dull rooms. Amber tones will become more popular and meadow wallpaper prints are both good for adding more texture and colour. Retro embroidery works will also be popular in this trend to maintain the timeless country feel.

03. Vintage

The vintage trend has been popular for quite a few years now and will continue to be popular in 2021. This trend will probably never fade for two main reasons. Firstly, those who inherited antique furniture pieces can use these pieces effectively in their homes and secondly, retro pieces all fit with the minimalist or sustainable trend since these pieces are made to last. 

04. Earthy Shades

Earthy colours are going to be more popular this year. These colours work well with the minimalist trend and these natural colour pallets with rusts, warm greens, deep reds and browns are perfect for creating a welcoming and comforting home vibe. 

05. Global Influence

Homeowners who love themed rooms will focus more on global influences. Rooms with multicultural themes may be more popular this year given that travel restrictions are still in place. These themes can be educational because you learn more about the cultures of these other regions, especially if you are purchasing furniture or art pieces from international designers. Global themes are perfect when combined with cool grey colours. Neutral tones will team well with Scandinavian minimalist designs but you can, of course, go bold if you are using designs or patterns from India. 

06. Ocean Hues

Ocean hues are ideal for coastal properties but you can also use these colours for inland homes. The cool aqua and inky blue colours offer calm feels and these colours usually help create a more contemporary look for homes. 

07. Home Office Focal Points

More people have started working from home. This has resulted in a huge increase in home office setups. Since home offices are so handy, we are not likely to see this trend fade anytime soon. And if you are going to install an office at home then you might as well go big with your new office. Use your home office as a focal point in a room by creating a space that is stylish with lots of aesthetic appeal and lighting. 

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