What is the Contemporary Interior Design Style? Is it a good look for your home or office?

The contemporary interior design style is a very popular style for homes, offices, or anyone who loves futuristic or tech-driven concepts. It is also an ideal concept for anyone who doesn’t like design styles that are too specific or restricted. Because this design style is ever-evolving, it can be a bit tricky to define. Once you do understand the basics of this style you might, however, fall in love with the idea immediately. Let’s take a closer look at this interior design style and discuss whether it can be a good option for your home or office.

History of the Contemporary Interior Design Style

This trendy design style dates back to the 1970s. It referred to home styles that were trendy at the time and included various looks like the modern trend, postmodern trend, art deco trend, and many others that might have been popular since. While this design style might have started by focusing on anything that was currently trendy, it did eventually develop into its own unique style with very specific components or features, and homes with this look usually feature a combination of design trends.

The Main Elements of the Contemporary Style

Homes or offices with this type of design style usually have a couple of elements or main principles in common such as the following.

  • Open Floor Plans

Many contemporary looks favour open spaces. Instead of enclosed kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, or entertainment rooms, these types of homes or offices usually have a more open plan that includes all of these areas within the same room. In offices, this might be a workstation combined with a lounge area. In homes, this is usually in the form of open-plan kitchens along with a living room or dining room.

  • Minimalism

Contemporary design styles usually go hand in hand with minimalism. The spaces are usually streamlined with clear surfaces and spaces are usually clutter-free. Rooms usually only contain the bare minimum so the architectural elements of the room can be emphasised. 

  • Deliberate Lighting Choices

Contemporary homes and offices are usually very light and airy. Natural light is maximised by installing larger windows or skylights and a lot of lighting fixtures are used throughout the rooms. It is not uncommon to see rooms featuring ceiling lights, pendant lights, and standing lights. The lighting features used also tend to offer plenty of architectural interest.

  • Accent Colours

Homes with a contemporary design mostly favour neutral colour pallets such as whites, creams, greys, or taupes. A little bit of interest is then introduced by adding a pop of accent colours in the form of wall art, throw pillows, artistic chairs, or vases. The accent colours tend to be bold or pastel tones that immediately draw the eye. 

  • Clean Lines

Most contemporary-styled offices or homes tend to have lots of clean lines. They usually feature wall-to-floor wardrobes or cabinets and modern furniture with smooth clean cut lines. Everything in these types of properties tends to be sleek and smooth without any unnecessary embellishments or designs.

  • Advanced Tech Features

It is also very common to see lots of advanced tech in these types of dwellings. The rooms tend to include a lot of technology in the form of smart lighting features, TV sets, advanced kitchen appliances, and advanced storage solutions.

If you love homes with lots of advanced tech and a clean cut minimal look then the contemporary design can be a very good style for your home. If you need help recreating this look in your own home or you need Commercial interior design MelbourneHospitality interior design Melbourne then it is best to give Alexander Pollock Interior Design a call. We can help you achieve the perfect contemporary look for any room or office.