What Is The Electric Interior Design Style? Is It A Good Look For Your Home?

An electric decor style is a good option for your home if you love bright colours, and decor elements that take up lots of visual interest, and if you are not too fond of using just one specific decor style in your home.

This design style is one of the most vibrant and interesting styles you can add to your home but it can be a bit challenging to create a harmonious atmosphere when you are using decor elements from different eras and lots of bright colours. Despite these challenges, it can be a great look for anyone who wants a fun-loving home with lots of vivid hues. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what this interesting design style.

Common Characteristics of the Electric Interior Design Style

One of the easiest ways to get a better idea of what the electric interior design style is is by considering all of the most common features that these types of interior spaces usually have. Here is a quick look at the most common characteristics of the electric design style.

  1. A variety of graphic components are often used to enhance the visual interest in these types of spaces. You will notice a combination of different prints, patterns, textures, and colours in homes or office spaces with this type of look. These design elements are carefully selected to enhance depth and appeal.
  2. The design style usually incorporates both contemporary and traditional touches. You might notice decorative or highly embellished furniture or art alongside modern and sleek pieces or historic accessories that might be used as decor among modern furniture items.
  3. Rooms may include design elements from several eras. Current furniture can be combined with ancient artifacts.
  4. A lot of effort is used t select colours, art, textures, and furniture pieces that all fit together. Without this effort and careful selection, the rooms would look utterly messy.
  5. A lot of bright colours are often used in the electric interior trend. These colours are accentuated by muting the rest of the room hues so only certain colour features or accessories can pop and stand out.

Tips for Decorating Electric Interiors

Some ground rules can make it easier to create the perfect electric interior. Here is a quick look at a couple of basic design tips.

    1. Work According to a Colour Pallete

If you use too many colours, your interior spaces can become overwhelming and may cause eye fatigue. It is always best to choose a colour palette that you like and to work according to this palette. Ideally, your palette should include a couple of neutral hues and one or two bright electric colours. Now keep repeating these specific colours all over the room. 

    1. Add a Focal Point

Your room will need a focal point that can draw attention and makea visual statement. The focal point can be an accent wall, gallery wall, statement furniture piece, or a major work of art. This statement piece should fit in with your colour palette but should contain some of your accent colours.

    1. Mix and Match

Next, you will need to mix different patterns, prints, textures, and materials together. Some of these elements can be repeated to create some harmony.

    1. Blend Different Genres

You can now choose furniture pieces of different genres and combine them together in your room. This can be from different time frames or it can be furniture pieces from different decor styles such as minimalist furniture alongside traditional furniture.

Creating a room with the perfect electric design vibe can be quite a challenge. If you want to pull off this look then it is always best to get some help from Alexander Pollock Interior Design. We can help you create a perfect design layout, hospitality interior design Melbourne, office interior design Melbourne and can incorporate this design trend for you in any room or office space.