What is the modern interior design style?  

We often tend to think of the word “modern” as everything that is advanced in tech and newly developed. But this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to interior design styles.
The modern interior style trend refers to a style that was trendy from the early to the mid-twentieth century. Since this design style refers to a look that was popular 23 years ago it shouldn’t be confused with what is currently trendy or with the contemporary style (an everchanging design style).

But what exactly is the modern interior design style then? Let’s take a closer look.

The Origin of the Modern Interior Design Style

The modern style started at the start of the 20th century when people and everything around us became more automated or mechanical. This design style kept increasing in popularity and later evolved into other modern design trends like the midcentury modern design style and postmodern interior design style.
German and Scandinavian architects and designers were some of the most influential in these design trends and were mainly responsible for converting classic or traditional home looks into a modern look.

Main Characteristics of the Modern Interior Design Style

It isn’t very easy to explain what the modern interior design style entails because there are a couple of deviations from this design trend. For the most part, the modern style tends to focus on clean lines, natural materials, and geometric forms. Here is a quick look at some of the most common characteristics of this design trend.

  • Clean Lines
    The modern interior design style was mainly focused on simplicity. Clean and clear lines throughout these homes are one of the most apparent characteristics. Furniture and home fixtures were kept smooth, sleek, and straight with fewer adornments.
  • Neutral Colours
    Neutral colours were very trendy during the first half of the 20th century. Colours like white, beige, and earthy hues were very common in most households and were complemented by the appearance of natural materials. To this very day, the modern interior design look still circulates around nude colours.
  • Lots of Natural Light
    Modern homes tend to be designed with a more open and spacious feel with larger windows and doors. This allows more natural light into interior spaces and emphasises the clean and open feel that these types of homes usually have.
  • Open Floor Concepts
    It is very common to see lots of open floor plan concepts in buildings with a modern design style. The more open the floor plan concept, the better. Open-plan kitchens became very popular during the 20th century and dining rooms became intertwined with living rooms and entertainment rooms.
  • Natural Materials
    Natural materials are also very common in modern design styles. You will note lots of natural stone, wood, and leather when you take a peek at some ideas for the modern design style.
  • Emphasis on Functionality
    In homes and companies with a modern interior design style, you probably won’t see too many decorative elements. Most of the furniture pieces are selected with functionality in mind and they often tend to serve more than one purpose. A good example is a kitchen island that doubles as a dining area.

Is the Modern Interior Design Style a Good Look for Your Home?

The modern interior design style might focus on the designs, furniture, decor, and elements that were popular during the early 20th century but that doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate this look into your home at all. Many contemporary design styles still greatly reflect this type of style trend and a lot of homeowners still love this look with its simple yet elegant approach.

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