Yes Or No to These 5 Common Interior Decor Trends

Interior decor trends have dramatically changed over the past four years. Within these short years, homeowners made quite a few dramatic changes. Most people said goodbye to dark wood cabinets after falling in love with light paint colours or light wood shades. People started embracing neutrals and specific home trends like the cottage trend, farmhouse trend, minimalist trend, and modern trend became very popular.

Interior designers expect that we are going to start seeing some dramatic changes once again in 2021. This year, we are probably going to say goodbye to many popular trends while some might continue to stay popular.

If you are considering common trends then it is probably best to do careful research or you might just convert to a theme that is out of date before you are even done with your conversion. Let’s take a look at common trends and the possibility of converting to them.

 01. All-White Kitchens

All-white kitchens tend to look very clean and spacious. But it can be challenging to maintain that crisp clean and organised look in these kitchens. At least you won’t have to consider upgrading to a kitchen with white cabinets, walls, floors, and décor elements because this trend has been fading since the start of 2020. Coloured cabinets, stone countertops, and patterned flooring along with lots of white or light colours have replaced this trend.

Verdict: Mostly no

 02. The Cottagecore Trend

The cottage trend has been popular for quite some time. This trend has been coming and going for decades. Cottage-styled rooms or bathrooms are usually bright and white with a couple of charming natural touches. This design trend is focused on repurposing old vintage pieces and is often associated with the minimalist living trend.

You can definitely look into the cottage trend for a home theme because this décor trend isn’t likely to fade anytime soon. And even if it does fade, it is sure to return again soon. It is a great home trend to consider if you love a classic and timeless look that never falls out of style.

Verdict: Yes

03. The Farmhouse Trend

The farmhouse trend is one of the most popular home trends in the world. Homeowners have been copying and incorporating this trend vigorously since 2015. The homey vibe and white-washed furniture pieces offer a classic look and a calm feel. Just about every second home you step in likely has this design trend – this is exactly why this is not a good trend to get. 

The farmhouse trend has been overused and is becoming boring. The popularity of this trend has been gradually decreasing since 2020 and its popularity is very likely to keep declining in 2021.

 Verdict: Not in 2021

04. The Minimalist Trend

The minimalist trend is a definite yes for your home because this trend is focused on modernized living by adopting the most eco-friendly and sustainable options for your home.  Minimalist homes can sometimes feel a bit dull but they tend to be easy to keep clean, clutter-free, and usually have a calming effect since you only invest in the bare minimum you need to get by. This trend is still in its starting phase which means it is quite likely to become very popular over the next few years.

Verdict: Still a yes

 05. The Natural Modern Trend

Natural themes have been present in home decor forever, from the potpourri craze in the 80s, to wicker and rattan woven furniture and decor. While those particular trends are a bit dated today, sustainability and natural interior decoration has only grown in popularity. Biophilic design is the practice of connecting nature to your property or built environment and you can incorporate it into your home by choosing furniture and decor made from natural materials and using indoor and outdoor plants to beautify your spaces organically.

Verdict: A hard yes

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